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Hi, Vasily is here! I'm an adventure photographer. Being outdoors with a camera always means a lot to me. I shoot active sports such as running, sur fi ng, skiing, and mountaineering, and I couldn't love these elements more. As a photographer, I visit incredible places and tell stories of people excelling average human limits. I challenge to convey sports energy through my photos and artistically show the physical beauty, endurance, and fortitude of athletes. The amount of emotion one picture can create is incredible, and that is something I strive to bring out in my photographs. I want to bring better pictures to our world, so I always set the bar higher for myself.

A couple of years ago, I fi nished my fi rst 100-mile race; in 2020, I finished the Los Angeles Marathon with the PR, and I keep on running. Running changed my perspective as a photographer and helps me better understand races and athletes. I have been taking pictures of runners for the last eight years and have a great skill of doing it. Sports photography is more than capturing the right moment and good composition. I precisely know where and when to expect runners on a course, how to capture the best shots and move to the next location. That requires years to master these skills and hours of preparation for every single assignment. I can successfully work on every race, from a small local event to giant races with thousands of runners, such as Marathon Majors.

Having a good photographer at the race is an excellent advantage for the race business. In the age of social media, vibrant race photographs are so desirable by runners. Also, the more and the better photos are — the better coverage, which is great for the business.

On the following pages, you can find the summary of the recent running events I shoot. For the last year, I took pictures for The Speed Project, Santa Monica Classic, Black Canyon Ultras, Whiskey Basin, Bryce Canyon Ultras, Chicago and CIM marathons, and Marathon US Olympic team trials in Atlanta in 2020. Some of those shots I listed further in this PDF.

Please, feel free to reach out to me if you have a project for me. I live in Los Angeles and ready to travel all around the US if you need m

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